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Membership Procedure

Rochester Rifle Club is currently accepting new members.

RRC applicants are required to be current members of the National Rifle Association. Applications must also include proof of NRA membership. Acceptable proof of NRA membership is either an address label from an NRA periodical, a letter or fax from the membership division or copy of the webpage showing the required information at The proof of NRA membership must include your name, address, NRA number and expiration date all on the same document.

Applicant no longer need to be sponsored by a current member but if the application does include a sponsor, that sponsor will receive a discount on his/her next renewal. If a sponsor is included, the name and keycard number should be printed on the application. The keycard number is a 4 digit number preceded by a 0 and asterisk along one edge.

Once completed, the application should be mailed to the club PO Box with the proof of NRA membership and a check or money order for the non-refundable $10 application fee. Mail to: RRC, PO Box 20617, Rochester NY 14602-0617.

Once the application is accepted, the applicant will be invited to attend a safety class orientation. After successful completion of the orientation and payment of the initiation fee and membership dues the new member will receive a keycard for access to the club and is then a member.

Spousal and junior member can be added to a full membership for a nominal fee. Spousal and junior members must provide evidence of basic firearms training before using the range. Attendance at the new member orientation with the full member is one way to fulfill that requirement.

Current Fees:
  Application Fee: $10
  Full Member Dues: $75/year
  Full Member Initiation: $75 (less application fee)
  Add Spousal and Junior member: $10 ea

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