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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join if I don't know a current member to sponsor me?

    During our active season (roughly September to March) there are regularly scheduled activities at the club. You may visit the club during one of these activities. The door is open and there are officers and/or directors there that can help you. Our activites are shown on our online calendar. Good times to visit are during our junior activites, CPL, and Sporterifle. If that doesn't work out or you need directions to the club, contact us.

  • What is the status of my membership application?

    Once your application is received it is checked for all the required information. If it is not completely in order it will be returned with an explanation. The most likely reason an application is return is because it lacks proof of NRA membership or a sponsor. If the application is completely in order you will be invited to a New Member Orientation when space is available. If it has been several weeks and you have had no response to an application, you should contact us.

  • My keycard is lost or broken. How do I replace it?

    Broken or defective keycards are replaced for free with return of the card. Lost keycards are replaced for a $20 fee. You may send the broken card or check to us via mail to the club address and we will mail a good card back to you. Please be sure to include your name and address.

  • My keycard doesn't let me into the club, what do I do?

    In the vast majority of cases where your keycard will not let you into the club it is because you forgot to scan out at your last visit. The best way to fix this is to visit the club when the door is open and scan yourself out once inside. A good time to visit the club for this is during a regularly scheduled activity when the door is unlocked. If the card does not work in either reader ask an officer or director for help or contact us.

  • I understand my spouse or junior member needs a safety course to use the range. How do I fulfill that requirement?

    If your spouse/junior has taken hunter safety training, gun training from the Scouts, or some other organized training, you can show the certificate or license to an officer or director. If that doesn't work out, any officer and director can give a short discussion of firearm safety at RRC, it takes only about 20 minutes and can be done at most of our regularly scheduled activities or make other arrangements by contacting us if that doesn't work out.

    The above satisfies the "training" requirement and is all that is required for spouses/juniors using rimfire rifles at RRC. If the spouse wants to use handguns at RRC, he/she must be licensed and will also have to demonstrate safe and accurate handling of their firearm at an orientation class or at another agreed upon time with an RRC pistol instructor.

  • What are the regularly scheduled events mentioned above?

    During the months between about mid-September to about mid-March we have a regular schedule of activities at the club. The schedule published here is an approximation, the online club calendar shows more details and, for the most part, is up to date. The calendar at the club is the final authority of the club's schedule.