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Membership Procedure

  • The Rochester Rifle Club has a limited membership so that club facilities are not over utilized. We always accept new membership applications. If we are over our membership cap, new applicants are placed on a waiting list. We are not at our membership cap and are currently accepting new members.
  • RRC members are required to be members of the National Rifle Association. New applications must also include proof of a current NRA membership. Proof of NRA membership may be either an address label from an NRA periodical or a letter or fax from the membership division. Your proof of NRA membership must include your name, address, NRA number and expiration date all on the same document.
  • New members must also be sponsored by a current member in good standing of the Rochester Rifle Club, Inc. Their name and key card number must be clearly printed on the application.
  • Notice of acceptance to join will be sent to new applicants. The applicant must attend a safety class orientation. At the safety orientation class, the initiation fee ($75) and new membership dues ($75) will be accepted. After successful completion of the orientation and payment of the fees the new member will receive his keycard for access to the club.

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