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Sporterifle is a target program for men, women and juniors who like to shoot light weight 22 caliber rifles from the standing, off-hand position. Practical and inexpensive, Sporterifle has become a major activity for rifle and sportsmen's clubs. Plinkers, small game hunters, anyone interested in shooting, can fire in competition without the need for costly equipment or special skills. The program emphasizes marksmanship for beginners, safe handling of firearms and better shooting habits.

Sporterifle was pioneered at the Rochester Rifle Club, around 1947, by Mr. Olin G. LeRoy. From a small local beginning at the Rochester Rifle Club, Sporterifle has grown to over 50 teams across New York and northern Pennsylvania.

Competition at RRC is on Thursday evenings, starts in September and finishes in March.

NYS Sporterifle has its own web site where more introductory information is available. Also available there is a NYS map showing team locations, our current schedule, and a very large section for Sporterifle members where we post team and individual results, Sporterifle news, meeting notes, and pictures from Sporterifle events.

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